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Award-winning eLearning to support new staff

Fonterra employs more than 16,000 staff worldwide and has a diverse workforce. It’s a challenge to ensure new staff are brought up to speed quickly, with an experience that makes them feel good about joining Fonterra.

To give an uplift to Fonterra’s onboarding programme Sysdoc created an eLearning solution designed to be long lasting, easy to maintain, and create high levels of engagement for new staff.

As a leading multinational dairy company owned by 13,000 New Zealand dairy farmers, Fonterra is the world's largest exporter of diary products and employs more than 16,000 staff worldwide.

Fonterra was keen to improve their onboarding of new staff. They asked Sysdoc to create new materials that would be long lasting, but not boring.

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The Sysdoc team suggested using an eLearning approach to give a rich and engaging result.

The module takes learners on a journey of how Fonterra was founded and allows them to experience its unique history. Our design and development team used a range of cutting edge instructional design approaches including gamification. The game format engages learners at strategic points and challenges and rewards knowledge and decision making, offering a rich learner experience.

Custom graphics were animated to create format, making this a look that is unique to Fonterra. The interactive format uses live action video, photos, narrations, stylised graphics, and a time period themed background.