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Blended learning for industry professionals

Fonterra wanted to bring together key staff, improve the relationships they had across the organisation and build their commercial acumen. It was a challenging brief that took some creativity and dedication to successfully envisage and develop.

Sysdoc created an award-winning blended learning programme which was delivered over a 12 month period. The programme covers nine in-depth topics, and uses a wide range of delivery techniques to create a series of challenging experiences for participants.

As a leading multinational dairy company owned by 13,000 New Zealand dairy farmers, Fonterra is the world's largest exporter of dairy products and employs more than 16,000 staff worldwide.

Fonterra relies on smart, commercially savvy staff, but not everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the key drivers of Fonterra’s business, or how value is created across the many parts of the business.

Sysdoc was asked to develop a programme to build the commercial acumen of selected staff within the Fonterra business – a mix of accountants, planners, analysts, managers and graduates.

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Sysdoc developed a series of nine modules to help staff explore a range of complex topics, including the economics of the dairy industry, how decisions are made within the dairy value chain, milk quality impacts on value, trade-offs in manufacturing decisions, and strategy development skills.

Each module uses a variety of delivery methods to get it’s point across and give participants a relevant experience. Delivery methods included games, field trips, custom video and story content, live action role play, simulated websites, and group challenges.

Participants were asked to demonstrate their new skills and knowledge in a range of ways including Dragon’s Den scenarios, group work, games, team challenges, and written submissions.

The programme succeeded in delivering a comprehensive and challenging experience for the Fonterra staff involved. The modules delivered a lot of content in a convenient and economical way.