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Building a digital workforce with RPA

Our client, a major UK automotive manufacturer has been working towards operating at a permanently lower cost base, which would safeguard a bright future for their organisation. Achieving this without sacrificing productivity has been possible by building a digital workforce with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA digital workers perform repetitive transactional tasks on behalf of employees, freeing up time for them to focus on more value-add activities and on what they enjoy doing most.    

Sysdoc has supported this far reaching and innovative programme with Change Management initiatives from the inception of this digital transformation journey. From initial stakeholder engagement through to transitioning digital workers to normal business operations, we have helped deliver over £3m of benefit to the business in 2018. With a Centre of Excellence (CoE) now in place, RPA is now part of the long-term strategic direction of our client. 


Financial savings

Monetary savings across the 2018 calendar year


Live digital workers

Five of these operate in a business as usual environment



RPA integrates with legacy systems to the most modern SAP interfaces

As an organisation more accustomed to assembly robots on the production line than software robots, it was important for stakeholders to understand why digital workers were being introduced and how they would impact what they do on a day to day basis. We worked as part of the team to successfully integrate the new digital workforce into the organisation.

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The size of the business and diversity of stakeholders called for a bespoke approach to change for each automation. Investing the time to understand individual processes in detail before automation allowed us to accurately identify what the impact on people’s roles, and the processes they would need to follow to enable automation would be.

Following Sysdoc’s blended change approach, we built awareness through concise and targeted communication, workshops, process posters, slides, showcase videos, and newsletter articles.

As a result, the stakeholders were engaged and prepared when digital workers were introduced to their teams. Less time spent adjusting to new ways of working meant our client’s return on investment was realised more quickly.