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Customised learning pathways for every staff member

Fletchers staff are diverse in their location, roles and skills. Managing training for every staff member is a challenge.

The Sysdoc training team at Fletchers, have worked hard to create a suite of training materials that support staff in many locations, performing many different roles, on lots of different projects. But when there's so much material available and new stuff is always in the pipeline, it creates a different challenge. How do you ensure people know what training they need and where to find it?

The usual approach of tying learning pathways to generic roles was too simplistic for the many variations in the work at Fletchers. So, the Sysdoc training team aimed high - for training that fits like a glove for every individual.

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Sysdoc worked with the business and other internal experts to quickly identify what staff in each major work area needed to be able to do their jobs. From this analysis a series of 8-12 easy questions were derived that would hone in on key training needs, e.g. responding YES to the question 'Do you need to be able to buy things?', would lead people to procurement training modules. New staff are encouraged to answer the questions while sitting with their manager or a Super User, existing staff can work it through for themselves. The Sysdoc Digital team took the questions and the analysis and created an easy to use SharePoint site that systematically organises the training material. Once the questionnaire is completed the site displays your own personalised learning pathway.

Your pathway lists the courses you need, and encourages you to click through to course outlines, training materials, process maps, reference guides, templates and simulations - all the material that's available to support that activity. This means you can choose what training and materials you need, when you need it – book a course, or undertake some self-study, or maybe just check a quick reference guide for a task done infrequently. The reporting on SharePoint also allows managers to track who has completed which courses.

For Fletchers it means that staff have access to the most up to date materials. Initial results suggest staff are choosing a different mix of training rather than relying just on traditional face to face courses.