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Driving efficiency through the creation of iPort at ABP

The UK’s largest ports operator, Associated British Ports, understood that to remain competitive, and continue the legacy of the UK maritime sector, a transformation of the business was required.

The creation of an intranet would see an end to multiple legacy systems and processes, and instead re-invigorate teams with a “one-stop shop” for work resources. Its implementation succeeded in reducing both unnecessary content and time required to get to the information they wanted, when they needed.


Reduction in content

Removal of duplicates provides a more streamlined portal



Trained in new roles for content management


Pages viewed per session

Teams can now reach info in fewer than "three clicks"

ABP was aware that transformation was required to ensure that their teams could function and grow in a digital workplace. A key part of this was the creation of iPort, a bespoke intranet.

Given the scale of ABP in the UK, and the number of documents and processes needed to be summarised within the system, the project was just as much a digital experience project as it was a business transformation – including the introduction of greater governance and controls.

The User Experience and Design team worked closely with key stakeholders in ABP from across the organisation. As a result, iPort spoke to the three main aims of this work – to bring consistency, efficiency and greater governance to the working environment at ports up and down the country.

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iPort was developed in SharePoint Online with the user as top of mind. The result is a highly personalised, and visually appealing portal. The user experience is enhanced with a more streamlined path to information. Teams now obtain the content they need in fewer than three clicks, and a reduction in duplicate material means they access this same content quicker and easier.

Ultimately, the platform is driving the future of work. Greater numbers access iPort through mobile devices, removing the need for a fixed workplace, and its development allows for future tweaks so that the solution moves with the rapidly changing digital environment, unlike the legacy systems it replaced.

“iPort has provided our employees with an easy-to-use, world class Intranet. People can also now access this information anywhere, which is important for breaking down barriers between the different sites”