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Engaging and developing leaders for the future

Working with our client, a major UK defence contractor, we developed a leadership development programme for the Directors of the organisation. The programme ensured that each leader was both aligned to the objectives of a major forthcoming transformation programme and were public advocates for major digital cultural change required across the business. Another essential goal was to ensure each Director took full responsibility for landing future change in their business unit; changes to processes, people, data and systems.

For our client, it was essential that they were building in capability through leaders who inspire, motivate, support and advance their teams. As such, they engaged Sysdoc to develop a leadership development strategy across a senior stakeholder group.

Key aspects of our work with the leadership team was developing a programme from the ground up; a series of monthly facilitated workshops to align to the vision of the business.

Areas where leaders did not align were identified and addressed prior to a communications cascade throughout the business, where various key messages were shared across a series of channels.

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Following this, a programme of coaching and training was delivered – from one-to-one sessions, to more in-depth coaching events with the whole leadership team.

The whole process was mapped against a scorecard which embedded ownership for change with the leaders themselves, and which was reported on monthly.

As a result of the leadership programme, the client is benefiting from a next generation of leaders who are aligned to the vision of the business, promoting cultural change, with a strong focus on digital transformation. They are now fully accountable for the processes, people, data and systems within their role, but most importantly they are champions of advancing the business through more effective, empowered and enlightened leadership.