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Europe-wide SAP training and change management

The UK’s largest automotive manufacturer was looking to replace their Warranty Claim Management system choosing a version of SAP which would manage Europe-wide claims." 

In order to ensure the system implementation went smoothly from a people perspective, Sysdoc were chosen as the change management and training provider. This took a team of Change Leads and Trainers to 8 countries across Europe as well as China, providing support to over 700 retailers. At go-live the solution was heralded as the “best deployment of an IT System in the last 10 years in Germany."

The introduction of a new system for Warranty management was vital, given the pre-requisites for a right to warranty are becoming more extensive and complex. Warranty restrictions and local country legislation makes claim processing a timely and costly activity. Both time reduction and cost saving were paramount for any solution.

As a change and training partner for the client, Sysdoc knew from the outset the importance of a smooth transition to new ways of working. The project would see Sysdoc involved in activities across the business transformation process, including change management, process, training, communications, project management and governance.

The programme really ‘took-off’ for 42 European markets in early 2017. Affected groups involved six main national sales centres, in addition to importers of products and over 700 retailers across the continent. Any solution would have to meet the needs of these three key, yet distinct, groups.

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All the Business Change Management activities were managed by the Sysdoc team. Key stakeholders across these markets were engaged, in preparing change impact assessments. The key functions of the business in terms of finance, warranty and HR were spear-headed to deliver a strong and aligned change technique.

The complexity of the markets demanded a bespoke, blended-learning approach. Our learning innovation team had to deliver training in seven different languages, through techniques which included eLearning, face-to-face training and a supplementary webex with documentation to support where an individual required. For the first time, the importers (traditionally a third party organisation) were provided with bespoke training ahead of go-live.

When it came to go-live, the process was complete in as little as three weeks. The success of this was in part due to the very close and trusting relationship which developed between the consultants and the audiences. They were involved early on in the development, and had provided each other with confidence in the programme.

The Warranty programme has been regarded as a major success. It has delivered the business objectives and more, and was named as the “best development of an IT system” by a key stakeholder.