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Global Telco provider benefits from our Gifts, Hospitalities and Conflicts Register

Sysdoc partnered with a global Telecommunications provider to build a compliance tool that digitally enabled the reporting and management of Gifts, Hospitalities and Conflicts.

For an organisation with employees in over 20 different markets each with their own discrete policy for managing compliance the current, decentralised and manual process required a re-think.

We worked closely with the organisation to first understand the:

  • Amount of information being handled
  • Current processes for how compliance was being managed
  • Key pain points for users and administrators.

This approach allowed us to understand the organisation's actual needs, ultimately ensuring the user experience drove the system requirements.

We found that under the current process it was difficult for our client to follow their own corporate policies and ensure declarations were being approved by the right people in a timely manner.

Moreover, the audit trail of conversations between users submitting declarations and those approving was not captured or easily referenceable. When users declared conflicts of interest, there was no means to proactively determine if the conflicts of interest were still relevant or if over time they had been mitigated.

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We took these learnings and user feedback, and through an iterative design and development cycle built a Gifts, Hospitalities and Conflicts Register that met the challenges of our partner organisation.

Each of the markets bespoke compliance policies have been technically implemented through the creation of over 50 complex multiple step workflows, which allows for consistency and transparency in capturing information. No matter who you are in the organisation and what market you work in, the same intuitive process for capturing, approving and managing declarations is now followed.

Significantly the tool has intuitive dashboard style reporting and custom reports can be easily generated and exported in a wide variety of formats depending on the individual’s needs. Management can establish trends from real-time data, allowing for greater oversight on gifts and conflicts reporting. Moreover, all approval actions and comments for each declaration are captured and auditable at any time.

Sysdoc has a proud history of helping organisations digitally transform their business process and the Gifts, Hospitalities and Conflicts Register is an example of one of these successes.

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