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Paul Graham

Roll up, roll up get your professional personal website right ‘ere!

Today, it’s never been more important to for individuals to maintain a professional and personal digital presence. This is because our prospects are now largely dependent upon our own skills, experiences, and adaptability.

Websites have traditionally been a great billboard for professional knowledge workers to showcase what they have to offer to future clients and prospective employers.

However, the common obstacles to leverage websites for individuals have been cost of ownership and the availability of convenient software.

But in the last few months this has shifted significantly. Individuals can use a combination of easy to access web services which are cost effective and give comprehensive functionality.

For example, a professional personal modern website can now be created using the following services:

  • Github – Secure and safe professional file storage.
  • Netlify – Hosting service that transforms the Github files into a fully functional website.
  • Forestry – Create and edit website content.

Understanding how people consume and use the websites that we create used to be a bit of a mystery. Website analytics and metrics were difficult to understand and often required expertise to interpret. Today we can use services such as Hotjar; which allows us to better understand visitors’ journeys, including:

  • Actual screen recordings of visitor activities on our websites.
  • See representations of active sites page areas by coloured heatmaps.
  • Realtime visitor feedback tab for your website, offering the opportunity to rate the site or highlight and issue.

All of the services and functions mentioned are available on a free plan and are very easy to use, so you can start making your own free website today.





If you're not sure where to begin, a recording of Paul Graham's webinar on how to get started is below.

Make a modern website for free webinar recording

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