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MCA Consulting Excellence declaration

Sysdoc is pleased to reaffirm its commitment to the MCA’s Consulting Excellence scheme. Now, more than ever, it is essential that consulting companies make a public commitment to the principles outlined in the scheme. As we enter a complex political and economic future, our clients are under greater scrutiny than ever to evidence the value of consulting services procured. Clients need to be assured the highest possible standards are delivered and the Consulting Excellence scheme does just that.

Sysdoc was one of the first signatories to the MCA Consulting Excellence scheme in 2016. Since then, we have continued to explore new ways to embed the nine principles of Consulting Excellence into how we operate internally and externally. At Sysdoc, our purpose is to enable people to work in a simpler, smarter way. We want to inspire our people and those we work with, and we want to establish a sustainable, growing business.

We are actively committed to advancing the principles of the Consulting Excellence scheme through our close working relationship with the MCA, and with other member firms. Sysdoc’s Head of Delivery, Guy Sorrill, is the chair of the MCA SME Council, the MCA community which represents and seeks to advance the role of SMEs in the UK consulting industry. We are also heavily involved in the Young MCA and offer a council role to one of our younger consultants, on a twelve-month rotating basis. We are heavily involved in several other MCA communities, attending events and contributing to the future direction of the organisation. Through these communities, we share in the responsibility to advance and build business trust in the consulting profession.

The Consulting Excellence scheme has the power to help clients identify and differentiate consulting firms committed to the highest levels of transparency, collaboration and the delivery of great results, and to help member firms recruit and retain the best people. This declaration reaffirms our commitment to the scheme. It provides examples on how we are working hard to ensure our team embody the principles of Consulting Excellence, how we are applying them to the work we are offering our clients and how we are reflecting the principles internally in supporting and developing our people.

Excellence in our client service and value

Communicating Consulting Excellence to our clients:

It is important to define Consulting Excellence for our clients and emphasise how we are working to achieve this in the solutions we deliver to them. As part of this, we continually engage with clients and the wider audience through our marketing communications, our website and social media channels, and through the relationships our consultants build with our client contacts. We have engaged our clients when visiting them on site, an important way to raise awareness of the scheme itself, and our commitment towards it.

We provide excellent and transparent consulting services which deliver outcomes clients seek and need:

The work we provide for our clients is always driven by our team of consultants asking two questions:

  1. How can we help our clients work in a simpler, smarter way?
  2. How can we improve the value our clients receive from Sysdoc?

Our culture of collaboration means that we work towards appropriate solutions together, drawing on the large knowledge pool of Sysdoc professionals. An honest and transparent working model with our clients is paramount too. We ensure our clients clearly understand the path of their business change, who is delivering it, and how it will be delivered. We do not hesitate in re-evaluating our work to ensure it meets our quality standards, and the needs of our clients. Our Quality Champion Initiative continues to grow, ensuring quality is at the heart of all we do, internally and with our clients – recruitment, development, commercials and delivery through to project close and transition back to the client. For our clients, we have carefully selected Quality Champions at each site, who conduct frequent peer reviews. Quality is more frequently becoming part of formal discussions at client projects and remains a key differentiator for Sysdoc.

We always strive to improve the value we can deliver to clients:

Some recent initiatives that have enhanced the value we can deliver to our clients include:

  • Change Management toolkit – a standard toolkit that clients can use to deliver consistent and data-driven decision making when driving change through their organisations.
  • Project maturity assessment – supports clients in making decisions on the performance of their projects, ensuring costs, resources and time can be planned in order to derive optimal outcomes.
  • Capability Assessment tool – an online capability assessment tool allowing our clients to track the progress of people development, learning, and assign training interventions accordingly.
  • Performance analytics – a data-driven learning analytics platform which determines the level of success of training, driving timely training interventions and ultimately knowledge retention
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – exciting process and change management solutions designed to ensure appropriate business decisions are made when automating standard business processes.

Excellence in professional development

We undertake training and professional development planning each year:

Our desire to improve, grow and learn is uncompromised. We provide consultants at all levels in our organisation the opportunity to learn new skills and progress in their careers. A highlight has been the Confident Consultant course; an externally-run programme initially rolled out in 2017 which aims to improve the confidence and performance of our consultants. This course involves theory and practical applications as well as follow-up sessions to embed learnings. In 2019, we are roll9ing out the next phase of the programme, the Consulting Skills course, which seeks to further develop and embed the skills of our emerging consultants. We continue to hold regular ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, where a colleague leads a discussion on a specific topic. We’ve had topics as diverse as quality standards, robotics, people development and wellbeing.

We have made strides in ensuring we maintain a strong focus on wellbeing for our hard-working consultants. We have implemented a series of initiatives including a flexible benefits scheme and a centrally-paid travel scheme. We also build standard clauses into our commercial documents which seek to ensure there is a healthy discussion with our clients on how we maintain a beneficial work-life balance on what can often be challenging and tiring programmes of work.

We promote strong core consulting capabilities and specialisms:

In 2018, we restructured our internal consulting functions in to the three areas to better reflect our core capabilities – Business Transformation, Learning Innovation, and Digital Experience. Our consultants are aligned to one of the three practices, ensuring they receive specialist training, development and career opportunities from the capability lead. This means that we can provide clients with senior consultants that have specialised skills to tackle organisational challenges more effectively.

Excellence through ethical behaviour

We conduct our business ethically, and foster and ethical culture:

Our values were relaunched in 2016, in collaboration with our sister business in New Zealand, with a strong focus on ethical working. The realignment of our values is something which has cascaded throughout the entire organisation and they continue to be a core part of who we are and drive each decision we make as a business and as individuals. Our values continue to resonate with our clients: High Energy, Awesome Together, Relentless Commitment, Absolute Integrity and Celebrate Simplicity.

Our HR and anti-discrimination policies demonstrate clear evidence of our commitment to ethical behaviour. For example, we are fully behind an approach towards engaging with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a SME.

We are responsible and good citizens:

We are always conscious that our business engagements have a positive impact on society and the environment. Sysdoc is rated on the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Sustainability Index and exceed the industry average for organisations of the same size and sector. The CIPS-SI rating benchmarks organisations against social, environmental and economic scorecards. All our consultants are encouraged to take one day off per year to undertake volunteer work for a cause they are passionate about.

Excellence in our documents

Within all our commercial documentation there is a passage which states our commitment to the Consulting Excellence scheme. This is present within bids, all our company policies and continues to be distributed through internal communications as part of our Consulting Excellence scheme awareness. 

For more information about the MCA Consulting Excellence scheme, please visit their website.