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Let’s work in a simpler, smarter way

Control and capability to improve performance and collaboration for business, with an interface and experience users love.

Serendata Insight

Data-driven transformation

The change management platform that delivers the insight you need for people to accept and embrace change.

  • Make evidence-based decisions.
  • Automate data gathering and reporting activities.
  • Gain greater visibility of your risks and issues.

Knowledge Portal

Trusted and connected organisational knowledge

Our Knowledge Portal provides organisations with an out-of-the-box solution, framework and governance for their knowledge and information to foster improved collaboration.

  • Document and training repositories with dynamic navigators.
  • Personalised access to information based on roles.
  • Provides real-time measures of business success against objectives.

Gifts, Hospitalities and Conflicts Register

Seamless, transparent and auditable platform

Ensure compliance by enabling your business to efficiently and securely, record gifts, hospitalities and conflicts of interest.

  • Effortless compliance monitoring.
  • Fully transparent platform.
  • Quick and intuitive across entire organisations.

Competency Assessment Tool

Unlock your team’s full potential with our Competency Assessment Tool

Our SharePoint-based tool simplifies the process of competency assessment for your team members, generates informative reports and integrates with PowerBI to provide visually immersive and interactive insights.

SharePoint Web Parts

SharePoint Web Parts by Sysdoc

Clean, easy-to-use web parts for your SharePoint environment.

Add new features to your SharePoint site, including glossaries, FAQs and more.

  • Free for use by individuals and companies.
  • Quick to install and easy to use and simple to maintain.
  • Customizable to suit your style and needs.