SharePoint Web Parts by Sysdoc
SharePoint Web Parts

Free, simple and customizable, for use throughout your SharePoint environment.

Our SharePoint web parts are free for use by individuals and companies throughout their SharePoint environment(s). The web parts provide clean, configurable, easy-to-use solutions to address common requirements.

If you are after a custom solution, or need any help with setting up your webpart, please contact one of our locations listed in the footer of our website below.

Key features
  • Welcome banner
    • Welcome Banner
    • A configurable banner for your SharePoint site.
      Configurable options include the banner background (solid or image), banner text (Welcome text, Page Title, Custom Message, No Text) and an adjustable overlay image.
      The tool also allows you to toggle between a 'Home' and 'Article' SharePoint page layout.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • An easy-to-use frequently asked questions (FAQ) web part for your SharePoint site.
      Adding and editing of the question-and-answer details is through the standard list management interface. You can have one list with topics and show subsets on different pages, or you can have multiple lists within the site.
      The web part includes toggleable features for search, topic filters, expand all button, direct links to individual answers and the ability to only display certain topics. Customise these options, along with themes and colours, through the properties panel. 

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  • Glossary
    • Glossary
    • A clean glossary web part for your SharePoint site.
      Adding and editing of the glossary terms is through the standard list management interface. Related terms can also be linked to allow easier navigation.

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  • Easy to deploy
    • Available through Microsoft AppSource and within SharePoint through the SharePoint Store
  • Easy to use
    • Easily editable and configurable through the browser
  • Integration
    • Leverage existing infrastructure through seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365.