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Learning Innovation

We deliver multi award-winning learning which applies powerful use of technology, experiential techniques, and intelligent data analytics to ensure people are engaged, retain knowledge and learn.

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Culture, working practices, business priorities and many other factors can present a complex set of learning challenges. Our learning solutions are delivered to the highest standards, incorporating the latest innovations and techniques about how people learn, retain and recall information.

Your people are the most important part of your business, and they will need new skills to succeed in future workplaces, in a way that suits them. We tailor the learning through a range of approaches, ensuring both you, and your teams benefit.

Behind our Game-Based Learning is a bespoke, intelligent analytics suite. Tracking confidence and proficiency of users over time, it provides a real-time measure of learning across an organisation.

Blended Learning

Achieve your organisation and people objectives through full end to end programme lifecycle management, from strategy, analysis, concepts and innovation, through to development, execution, embed and sustain. Our award winning partnerships deliver measurable long term results.


Our expertise in a broad range of current and emerging technologies and methods enables the creative application of technology in digital learning programmes.


As industry demands more and more skills development to facilitate the future of work, our capability development programmes leverage the latest in research and innovation to equip your employees with an ever changing and growing list of skills and capabilities.

Learning and
Performance Analytics

Powerful learner analytics that measure key strengths and improvement areas whilst learning enables deep insights into each individual's performance. Managers and L&D alike benefit greatly by creating truly personalised learning for their teams, functions and wider organisation.


Develop your skills and capabilities with this incredibly engaging and fun learning method. Game-based learning allows learners to learn-by-doing, receive immediate feedback and motivates learners to improve their own performance.