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In the community

At Sysdoc, we are unashamedly people focused. We are proud to be known for our people-first-ethos and grateful to support the following organisations who champion this ethos in the communities we work.

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It's a Penalty

It’s A Penalty partners with major sporting events to raise awareness of child trafficking and exploitation. Campaigns have reached more than 100 million people across sporting events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the Football World Cup.

Its A Penalty

Happy Child

Happy Child International is an organisation that champions the rights of the most at risk children and teenagers in the deprived areas of Belo Horizonte and Recife in Brazil and Lubango, Angola.

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Aviva Family
Violence Services

Katherine Corich hosted an event in Christchurch, New Zealand to raise money for Aviva Family Violence Services. The event included a Leadership / Process Improvement Workshop.

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We have provided sponsorship toward the bio-sand water filter factory, helping the women to become financially independent and cover the costs of their children’s education. We have also sponsored water wells provided by Global Angels to various locations in India.

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