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NZ leadership team

Since our foundation in 1986, our team has grown and diversified, continually reimagining and innovating our offering. 30+ years on, our award-winning work has impacted important programmes - both societal and commercial - across the APAC region.

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Our New Zealand business is led by a team who believe in our values to support the great work we do, both for our client base across the APAC region, and for the charitable causes which are so important to us. We're continually looking to work in simpler, smarter ways.


CEO New Zealand and Australia

Desiree joined Sysdoc in 1993 and, as CEO New Zealand and Australia, leads all aspects of Sysdoc business in the region. Desiree's inspiring and focussed leadership enables teams to deliver the quality solutions our clients have come to expect. As a member of the Sysdoc Global Board she is responsible for leading the company’s business operations globally, executing Sysdoc business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide.


Managing Director

Warren is a creative learning designer working in a wide range of industries. As Sysdoc’s Global Learning Innovation Lead he has led work across a wide range of industries and is passionate about the intersection of learning, emerging tech, art and film. He brings his enthusiasm and desire for challenging the status quo to the Leadership team along with experience in creative learning and development, culture measurement and change.


Head of Growth

Peter is an accomplished sales professional who is driven to make a measurable difference to organisations he works with. As Head of Growth Peter is responsible for leading a business development team to deliver our world class services and solutions for our clients. He seeks to strengthen Sysdoc’s capability and actively seeks out new and innovative opportunities for growth.


Head of Digital

Bevan has been part of the Sysdoc team for over eighteen years and has helped Sysdoc build a reputation for innovation and delivering highly intuitive knowledge bases, intranets, and digital solutions. In equal measure to his technical expertise, Bevan possesses a unique understanding of end-user needs. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to move easily between the needs of the end-user and the technical solutions, which deliver the simplicity they require.


Head of Wellington

As Head of Wellington, Jo provides leadership and support to our thriving and talented team, bringing to the role her strategic consulting, business development and account management expertise. Since joining Sysdoc in 2001, Jo has delivered business transformation, knowledge management and learning solutions to our clients, large and small, and across many sectors. Her friendly style and genuine desire to understand customer needs, coupled with years of experience across our business, enables her to collaborate with clients and consultants to deliver quality solutions that hit the mark.


Head of People and Culture

Anna is an innovative HR professional, who is passionate about driving positive employee experiences by empowering our people to create excellent business solutions for our clients. Anna has a depth of experience working with businesses ranging from large technology corporates through to small companies, and brings this experience in her approach to fresh ideas and continuous improvement. Our people are our greatest asset and Anna strives to develop an environment for us to succeed and become the best we can be.