Who we are

Sysdoc is a recognised leader in enabling future ways of working. Our talented people operate with high energy to unleash our collective entrepreneurial potential to deliver great things for our clients.

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We are fortunate enough to have a team of brilliant people across the globe, who bring energy, a down to earth approach and relentless commitment to lead our customers to develop the skills, behaviours and capabilities to ensure their business performance.

We have great clients who largely come to us via referral, making our reputation our most valuable asset. We take pride in what we do and over the past 30 years have been honoured to be part of some amazing programmes, contributing to the success of our clients, our partners and our own Sysdoc team.

Our vision

To be leading the way in enabling future ways of working.

To be known as a brilliant place to work.

To be a thriving business that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our values

Sysdoc people are Awesome Together.

We work with High Energy and Absolute Integrity.

We Celebrate Simplicity and have a Relentless Commitment to get the right results for our clients, and each other.

Selwyn D’Souza - Developer

Selwyn D’Souza


It’s so awesome to work for a team that directs individual achievements toward organisational objectives.

Kiwi Marshall - Senior Consultant

Kiwi Marshall

Senior Consultant

I’m proud to work for a Kiwi-owned company that embraces the “get on and do it” attitude from home. People are important and are invested in across all levels of the organisation.

Catherine Sullivan - Senior HR Adviser

Catherine Sullivan

Senior HR Adviser

It is a pleasure to work with a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, and being able to contribute in a positive and meaningful way.

Graeme McMillan - Consultant

Graeme McMillan


I enjoy working with passionate professionals on a range of stimulating and challenging projects – and learning new skills as I do so.

Thomas Bugler - Marketing Manager

Thomas Bugler

Marketing Manager

I'm lucky enough to work with people across the company, helping to shape our marketing, and showcasing some great stories from within.

Brett Sedcole - Head of User Experience and Design

Brett Sedcole

Head of User Experience and Design

Proud to be part of a team that's passionate about delivering leading edge user-centred design and world class digital experiences.

Jo Bracey - Account Director

Jo Bracey

Account Director

I have had the privilege of working with some of the most forward thinking and passionate consultants, who deliver with energy, integrity and quality.

Philip Anderson - Consultant

Philip Anderson


Its great to work for a consultancy that appreciates the importance of family and supports the balance between work and personal life.